A football player is a person who plays football.


The goal of a tackle is to win possession of the football.

This can be accomplished by using one’s leg to wrestle the ball from an opponent or by sliding in on the grass.

For instance, the defender must remember to change direction and to keep his body low. Otherwise, he may allow his opponent to sneak past him.

The goal of a tackle is to bring an opponent to the ground by interfering with the player’s forward movement.

A successful tackler can also sack the quarterback, a player who is hit behind the line of scrimmage while trying to throw a pass.

 Tackling is a fundamental skill in football. A successful tackle can lead to the player being down and the play ends.

A tackler should focus on slowing down the opponent’s legs while grabbing the ball carrier’s jersey.

To succeed at tackling, a tackler must learn the correct technique.

An illegal tackle occurs when a player makes contact before or after the ball is received, or if the player causes physical harm to the opponent by tackling with both legs. 

Game's Scoring

A tackle in football ends the play and is important to the game’s scoring.

foot placement

Aside from knowing the right foot placement, it is important to know how to use different parts of the body and how to make a smooth transition from one foot to the otherIf the tackler wraps his or her upper body, the opponent will have a tough time stopping. Similarly, if a player wraps his or her upper body, he may drag a defender.

When a ballcarrier is tackled, he must dispose of the ball in a legal manner.

However, if the ball carrier was given the opportunity to dispose of the ball before the tackle, the tackler is allowed to knock the ball free with his or her body.


If the ball carrier fails to do so, the tackler will be awarded a free kick.